I mainly shoot candid street photographs wherever I happen to be in possession of a camera and surroundings 'sufficiently public', I also occasionally shoot portraits, cityscapes and urban abstracts. 

I also wish to work on documentary projects, creating socially relevant narratives using this medium that I believe holds immense power to enrapture and move our psyche.  In the meantime, the journey goes on and I am glad to share its sights and forms.

You can also find my work on DeviantArt , Instagram and on my facebook gallery called A Pensive Polaroid, which I used to run along with my good friend Shreyas.

I am also a member of the Progressive-Street collective.


Although I thoroughly enjoy all forms of visual art, my ineptitude to paint or sketch is debilitating. Turns out, it is no simple business conjuring a mental image and putting it to a blank sheet of paper with a certain degree of correspondence! But after much breaking of nibs and smudging of paint, I have temporarily cast the pencil and brush aside and found another niche that I can contribute to in a more agreeable fashion - that of Generative Art. It lingers on the fuzzy realm between programming, science, art and abstract aesthetics - which is an exciting neighbourhood to hang out. I will collect some of my efforts here, for which I have primarily used the fantastic platform called Processing, and I've started a personal project called Decodingkunst on Instagram, which documents some progress.


It is difficult for me to function without my ample share of music, literature and tea. And I also like to make all three, with unequal aptitude, though I have been told my tea allied with a slice of cake goes very well towards easing the burden of a long day. I hope to share some of it all, in some way, some day.

About me

By day, and sometimes night, I am a researcher working on turbulence, currently at ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore. So all the photography and art enthusiasm is what consumes my time aside from work. I also love reading and cooking.

You are at the website of my non-academic work, the other you can find here. In case you cannot quite figure out why there is no mention of an excellent book on Genetics or Oncology, you were looking for this guy. (I recommend his books very highly.)

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